Cyclean Period Underwear, Organic Cotton Bamboo Fabrics Period Undies Reusable 4-Layer Panties

Full Coverage High Waist Undies for overnight or heavy flow: Cyclean Goodnight Period Panties hold like overnight size pads or tampons with 4 layers of full protection. Have peace of mind. You deserve to feel fresh and fearless everyday of the month.

Good Night! High-Waist Overnight

    • 100% Organic Cotton and Bamboo Fabric! No Plastic Layers!
    • Cyclean are made of breathable, antimicrobial certified organic cotton and bamboo fabric for sensitve women and teen girls. 
    • Pleasant period with no guilt: Save your health, money, and our planet. No more waste. Wear it, Wash it, and Reuse it.
    • Just enjoy comfy, relaxed, & breathable cotton underwear as usual.
    • Machine wash and tumble dry.
    • Ethically Made in Korea.